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Our general recommendation is that children enter Class One (Basic 7) at age 10 or close to their 11th year. Some parents ask why can’t my child be admitted to your College below age ten? And our answer would be that ours is a College which prepares children among other things for tertiary education as young adults. Our hope is to receive children at the threshold of adolescence, particularly as being in our College entails leaving home to enter a school boarding house. Our College programme does not envisage taking the place of parents for children who are yet infants and thus emotionally dependent or attached.

This means that those applying or seeking entry into our College are expected to have completed a full primary school education, regardless of how gifted they may be. The structure of the education system in Nigeria supports our position on the question of age. If children are rushed through these early stages of formation, part of the intention and vision of the National Policy on Education risks being defeated in the long run. Education at Arrupe Jesuit College does not merely seek to develop the intellect but aims at encouraging leadership qualities, responsible decision-making and independence of thought in all students. We feel that we may not achieve all round success in these objectives if children leave our School when they are barely 16. The best way of developing leaders in a boarding school is through the prefect system, and as Arrupe Jesuit College gets larger we need mature prefects for the efficient running of the boarding houses. This is to say that as senior prefects we need young men and women and not children. Children who embark on secondary education at a very young age are not usually chosen as leaders and therefore miss the opportunity to develop their full potential.


Ssupplementary ENTRANCE EXAMINATION INTO JSS1 (2024-2025)

Application forms into Arrupe Jesuit College are available on-line (those who may wish to apply and to sit for the Entrance Exam from outside Nigeria are advised to contact us via our email or call +2347011031517).

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