Fr Emeka AJC president

Dear Fledglings of Arrupe, Welcome to the NEST!

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Arrupe Jesuit College, Ndokwa Land, Abbi, Delta State, the Home of Eagles!

As a Catholic Jesuit secondary school, Arrupe Jesuit College will strive to develop authentic, self-aware young men and women of conscience, competence, compassion, and commitment who possess a deep sense of human excellence and responsibility that go beyond themselves. I am delighted to accompany you on this historical journey of our school. It is our responsibility to make every student feel comfortable, calm, and connected to the College community, which is welcoming, accommodating, and inclusive to all.

It is a new beginning for all of us, and as such, every student is expected to work hard, be studious, and improve his or her academic abilities. Lady Gaga, an American singer, stated that “You are the seeds that will grow into a new and different forest that is far more beautiful and loving than the one we live in today.” With this in mind, I encourage you to believe in yourself and allow your seed to be rooted in love and friendship. I advise you to obey, trust, and work with all the staff as they accompany you in your academic, social, and spiritual lives. The best is in YOU!

As the fledglings of Arrupe, all hands will be on deck to care for, nurture, and watch you grow until you begin to soar high like the eagles. Here at the Nest, communication is essential in our College community, and the College will not tolerate any act of unseriousness, irresponsibility, truancy, academic dishonesty, or other behavioural misconduct that contradicts Arrupe Jesuit College’s vision and mission, and such students may be suspended or expelled from the College. If you are being treated unfairly in any manner or facing any difficult academic or personal challenges, I encourage you to speak with the principal or any member of staff. We are here to help you.

I am looking forward to getting to know every one of you and working with you to make this academic year a success.


Fr. Michael A. Oluwadare, S.J.
Arrupe Jesuit College, Abbi.

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